New Asia College was founded in 1949 at a time of extreme adversity by Mr. Ch’ien Mu and other scholars from mainland China. Their objective was to establish an educational institution which integrated  the scholarly spirit of the Song and Ming academies and the tutorial system of western universities. With humanism as its basis, the College also aimed to facilitate cultural exchanges between East and West, and to advocate for peace and the well-being of the human race.

Together We March Forward: Recent Developments
  • With the expansion of the university curriculum, over 3,000 students are currently affiliated with the College.
  • To promote Chinese culture to the public, the “New Asia Lectures on Contemporary China”, “New Asia Lectures on Confucianism” and “Yen Kwo Yung Lecture in Life Sciences” were launched respectively. The “New Asia Cultural Talks” were also resumed, in collaboration with New Asia Middle School and New Asia College Alumni Association.
  • The College set up the “New Asia History Gallery” in 2013, highlighting the development journey of New Asia with descriptive panels, pictures and valuable exhibits. In the same year, the “New Asia Young Scholars Scheme” was launched in a bid to enhance student enrichment, and deepen students’ understanding of College history and spirit.
  • In addition to the existing “New Asia College / Yale University Student Exchange Programme”, the “New Asia College / Hertford College of Oxford University, Study Abroad and Cultural Exploration Programme”, the “New Asia College / Hunan University Summer Exchange Programme” and “New Asia College / Ewha Woman’s University – Global Student Partnership” were also rolled out, while the number of overseas institutions of the Student Exchange Programme also increased. Students have been given the opportunities to appreciate the history and culture of our country, understand the situations of contemporary China, and also gain a global perspective.
  • In order to cope with the increased number of students under the 334 new core curriculum, the expansion of the Staff Student Centre – Leung Hung Kee Building was completed in September 2012.
  • In view of the exhaustion of space for engraving graduate names at the New Asia Amphitheatre, the College established the “New Asia Circle Fund” to finance an extension project, which was completed in late 2019. The Amphitheatre can then accommodate the names of graduates up to the Class of 2064.
  • The Construction of the fifth student hostel commenced in 2019, and has operated from mid-2023, offering a total of 300 extra hostel places.