Committee on College History
Ex-officio Member
Ms. LUK Man Chung Jean
College Secretary
Prof. CHEUNG Hok Ming Frederick Prof. LAI Ming Chiu Prof. LAU Chor Wah
Prof. LEE Hok Ming Prof. LEE Yun Woon Ms. LEUNG Shuk Ching
Mr. LO Tat Sang Mr. MA Fai Hung Leo Prof. SHEK Tan Lei Daniel
Prof. TAO Shu Hui Prof. TSE Wai Kit Wicky Mr. WONG Ho Chiu

  Effective Date: 01 August 2023


(A) Terms of Reference

  1. To plan and implement projects in relation to college history, including but not limited to publication, exhibition and online archive;
  2. To collect and organize college history materials, and advise on conservation of college’s historical relics;
  3. To be accountable to the Assembly of Fellows.

(B) Composition

  1. Up to 18 members;
  2. The Chairperson is appointed by the Assembly of Fellows, while the Secretary is appointed by the College Secretary.

(C) Meeting Schedule

The Chairperson calls for meetings whenever needed.


24 February 2023