New Asia College Cultural Talks
New Asia Cultural Talks

New Asia College Cultural Talks began in 1950. Speakers were mostly the teachers from the College including prestigious scholars from the Mainland like Mr. Ch’ien Mu, Mr. Tang Chun-I and Mr. Tchang Pi-kai. They aimed to promote Chinese culture, academic and cultural exchanges between East and West, peace and well-being of the human race. Jointly organized by New Asia College and the New Asia College Alumni Association, co-organized by New Asia Middle School, “New Asia College Cultural Talks” holds three to four talks in total each year. Details of the talks are as follows:


The talk will be conducted in Cantonese. All are welcome. Free admission. Participants are welcome to attend in person or via Zoom.


Registration: Please complete the online registration form on or before 16 May 2024.

Ms. Kit Lau
3943 7602