Message from College Head

Prof. Hector Chan Sun-On

New Asia College was founded in 1949 by Mr. Ch’ien Mu, a master of Chinese culture, together with Mr. Tang Chun-i, Mr. Tchang Pi-kai and other prominent scholars of the time. With the educational beliefs of the Song and Ming academies supplemented by the modern university system, the College is dedicated to promoting Chinese culture with humanity as its basis.


Chinese culture is rich and profound, encompassing areas from knowledge of literature, history, philosophy and art, appreciation of music, chess, calligraphy and paintings, to the practical study of science, medicine, agriculture and industry. These aspects embody the moral ethics emphasized by the Chinese, as well as the harmonious union of man and nature. The College motto “Cheng Ming” (Sincerity and Intelligence) not only presents the essence of Chinese culture, but also establishes the general principle of the College education — the Chinese value knowledge as well as virtues. In Mr. Ch’ien’s words, “Sincerity” is concerned with ethics and behaviour, while “Intelligence” is in the realm of knowledge and awareness. The two words formed the College motto, demonstrating the equal significance of pursuing knowledge and cultivating one’s moral character. Written by Mr. Ch’ien, the 24 statements in “The Academic Code of New Asia College: Philosophy and Principles” set the directions for the pursuance of “Cheng Ming”, reflecting the great importance the College attaches to students’ all-round development, which includes the pursuit of knowledge, the understanding of culture, the reverence for teachers and elders, and the respect for nature.


In the early years of the foundation of the College on Kweilin Street, despite the Founders’ strong academic reputation, the College’s development was never easy. With social chaos and displacement of scholars to the south, the College was in fact facing extreme adversity in which many students could not afford the tuition and sometimes teachers could not even get paid. However, the College’s colleagues, led by the Founders, made every effort to manage College affairs, allowing the newly founded organization to gradually stabilize. With solidarity, difficulties were eventually overcome.


As the College Anthem goes, “facing hardships I forge ahead”, the “I” does not mean being alone. New Asia College has always been a big family and a teacher-student community, consisting of sages who had surmounted obstacles and new generations who admire cultures; teachers who care for students and learners who sincerely desire to be taught; pioneers who aim high and practitioners who work diligently behind the scenes. During the relocation from the humble room on Kweilin Street to the summit in Ma Liu Shui, the College’s educational work continued, cultivating the New Asia Spirit — it is both the will to strive for excellence and advancement, and the unflinching perseverance to achieve the ideals. Members of New Asia College are all deeply convinced that the New Asia Spirit is the key to success and fulfilment in their lives.


Today, the College remains committed to realizing the ideals of the sages, carrying forward the educational spirit of Chinese academies, nurturing talents, instilling doctrines and imparting knowledge. Whether you are a freshman, a current student, an alumnus, or an enthusiastic lover of Chinese culture, I hope you will learn more about the College, participate in College activities, and even assist in our educational work, through which you can find like-minded and supportive companions in this family, and forge ahead with them in the midst of hardships, while the College, this home, will be enlivened by your presence.



Hector Sun-On Chan

Head, New Asia College