Committee on Language and Culture
Dr. CAI Xuanhui Prof. CHAN Pui Pedith
Dr. CHAN Sze Nga Sarah Mr. DIN Wai Bun Alan

Warden of Chih Hsing Hall
Mr. FUNG Kwok Kin Matthew Dr. GAO Xin Prof. GONZAGA Elmo
Prof. HO Ka Yi Dr. JUNKER Andrew Dr. LAI Pit Shun
Prof. LEE Ka Man Carmen Dr. LEE Lok Hin Joyce Dr. LEI Ka Yan Margaret
Mr. LI Chunpu Prof. MOSS Gregory Prof. PENG Peng
Prof. VEVAINA Leilah
1 student representative from College Students’ Union
1 student representative from International students
1 student representative from local undergraduates
1 student representative from non-local undergraduates

Effective Date: 01 August 2023


(A) Terms of Reference

  1. To plan and implement various activities that enhance language ability (including English, Putonghua and Cantonese), and promote intercultural exchange;
  2. To support and sponsor student bodies of the College to organize activities that cultivate a multicultural campus life;
  3. To be accountable to the Assembly of Fellows.

(B) Composition

  1. Up to 18 members (excluding student representatives);
  2. The Chairpersons are appointed by the Assembly of Fellows, while the Secretary is appointed by the College Secretary.

(C) Meeting Schedule

  1. The Committee has at least one meeting for every academic year;
  2. The Chairpersons calls for meetings whenever needed.

24 February 2023