Scholarships and Subsidies
Student Activity Fund
The College established this Fund to subsidize individuals or student bodies to gain experience in organizing and taking part in an array of activities. Types of activities to be subsidized include international activities (e.g. competitions, talks and seminars), short-term overseas exchange programmes, study trips, courses, annual performances and community services. The Fund is open for applications by College students and student bodies under the College according to the designated timeframe in the year. For enquiries, please contact Ms. Edith Mok, Dean of Students' Office (Tel.: 3943 7603; Email:

The college also subsidizes student activities with the following funds:

Manda Young Wing Yan Cultural and Arts Activity Fund
1981 Chinese Language and Literature Alumni Chinese Culture Activity Fund
Mr. Wong Wing Ping Student Enrichment Memorial Fund — Dream A Little Dream Scheme
Application closed for 2022/23 academic year
Storefriendly Charity Foundation Sports Subsidy Scheme
Application closed for 2022/23 academic year