Symbols of the College

The Pavilion of Harmony, which was regarded as the “second best view of Hong Kong” by former Vice-Chancellor Ambrose King Yeo-Chi, is situated between the student hostels Xuesi
and Chih Hsing. The pavilion was constructed in memory of Mr. Ch’ien Mu’s publication “The Coalescence of Man and Nature”. Such coalescence is one of the fundamental concepts of Confucianism, meaning that the ways of man and nature mingle together without barriers. The site of the pavilion is meticulously selected, with “a pond of clear water, two trees surrounding it, not a traditional garden but having a modern touch”. The pond could better facilitate the effect of merging man and nature through creating an image of linking the water with the blue sky. Mr. Ch’ien Mu’s “The Coalescence of Man and Nature,” and a seal of the characters “Tien Ren He Yi” (天人合一) are carved onto the wall outside the pavilion, the works of Professors Lee Yun-woon and Tang Kam-tang of the Department of Fine Arts, respectively.