Get-together Noodle Luncheon

To better understand our freshmen about adapting to university life and to promote interaction between staff and students, the “Get-together Luncheon” has been launched in a stress-free environment since 2021.

Venue: Yun Chi Hsien
Time: 12:30pm – 2:00pm from October to November; from January to mid-April
Target scale: A group of 6 – 10 participants, including 2 staff and 4 – 8 students
(Frequent English/Cantonese/Putonghua sessions will be available for selection)
Target staff: Staff affiliated to the College, including all teaching staff, research staff and administrative staff
Target students: All Year 1 Students
Fee: Free-of-charge
Registration: Online registration
Ms. Xenia Wan
3943 3739