Past Themes of New Asia College / Yale University Student Exchange Programme

New Asia College and Yale University have been jointly organising this exchange programme since 1993. Major objective of the programme is to enhance students’ understanding of social, cultural and scientific issues in the two regions. The exchange includes academic seminars, symposium, visits to local organisations/groups and other activities related to the particular theme for exchange. New Asia students need to conduct theme-related research and report their findings at the symposium held at Yale University. Every year, eight NAC students pay a two-week visit to U.S. during the Lunar New Year period (January/February) whilst Yale students come to New Asia College in March. The themes for exchange since 1993 are as follows:

Past Themes
Year Theme
1993/1994 Education
1994/1995 Environmental Protection
1995/1996 Urban Issues
1996/1997 Migration
1997/1998 Sex and Gender
1998/1999 Religion
1999/2000 Family
2000/2001 Youth Culture
2001/2002 Mass Media
2002/2003 Social Welfare
2003/2004 Law and Society
2004/2005 Public Health and Society
2005/2006 Poverty and Wealth Distribution
2006/2007 Ethics and Morality
2007/2008 Globalization & Social Identity
2008/2009 Education
2009/2010 Development and Sustainability
2010/2011 Social Justice
2011/2012 Capitalism and Society
2012/2013 Innovation, Creativity and Social Change
2013/2014 Migration and Cultural Integration
2014/2015 Sovereignty and Society
2015/2016 National Identity and Citizenship
2016/2017 Authenticity and Modernization
2017/2018 Collective Memory and Generational Identity
2018/2019 Communities: Margin and Mainstream
2019/2020 Social Mobility and Inequality
2020/2021 Suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic
2021/2022 Climate Change and Local Impact
2022/2023 Education and Technology
2023/2024 Ethnicity, Migration and Identity
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