Mentorship Programme


  • Meet new friends
  • Get study advices
  • Get career planning advices
  • Explore different areas of expertise


  • Know about the young generation, and pass the torch of New Asia Spirit
  • Find a suitable apprentice, as matched by the College
  • Refresh yourself with new ideas from the new generation
  • Expand your alumni network


  • Mentees
    • NAC Students of all years of study
  • Mentors
    • NAC Graduates of 5 years or above (i.e. Graduates of 2016 or earlier)
    • Staffs affiliated with New Asia College
    • Be ready to lead 1-3 mentees

Programme expectations

  • Time engagement: From October to May of next year
  • Mentees and Mentors must meet at least twice, they are encouraged to organize social activities
  • Mentees must submit a report of fewer than 200 words at the end of the programme
  • Mentees must attend the Inauguration Ceremony and the Career Talks Day
  • Mentors are required to assess their mentees at the end of the programme
Mr. Kelvin Cheung
3943 9680