New Asia History Gallery is located on the ground floor of Cheng Ming Building, next to the Hui Gallery, and the Yale-China Association. On the first floor of Cheng Ming Building are the College Head’s Office, the College Office, and the Dean of Students’ Office. The third and fourth floors are for the Department of Fine Arts.


The preparations of the New Asia History Gallery began with the meeting of the Committee on College History in July 2012, chaired by the former College Head, Prof. Shun Kwong-loi. In April 2013, a design team of the History Gallery was formed. It was convened by the Associate College Head, Prof. Chan Sun-on Hector. The members included Prof. Lee Yun-woon, Prof. Chan Yuk-keung Kurt, Prof. Lau Kwok-keung, Mrs. Agnes P.Y. Kan, Mr. Lo Tat-sang, Mr. Kelvin Cheung and Ms. Edith Tsang.


The team invited Prof. Ho Puay-peng from the School of Architecture, and Mr. David Lim, the former Director of Campus Development, to assist in the design.


In order to restore the olden study atmosphere, the group members visited the Director of the New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies, Mr. Liu Pak-yuen, and the Principal of the New Asia Middle School, Ms. Wong Wai-ting. Furniture and cultural relics preserved from the past were kindly donated as part of the History Gallery’s collection.


After the completion of the project in late September 2013, the History Gallery began to arrange various exhibits. In December 2013, the exhibits were all ready to fully display the historical footprints of New Asia College.