The New Asia Trinity: The College, the Institute and the Middle School
New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies and New Asia College

Since the establishment of New Asia College, Mr. Ch’ien Mu already had the idea of setting up a research institute in a bid to offer opportunities for College graduates to further their studies in Chinese literature, history and philosophy.



New Asia College rented a venue on Prince Edward Road, with subsidies from the Asia Foundation, and established the Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies



Started admission of research postgraduates with aids from Harvard-Yenching Institute



The Southeast Asia Studies Section was established



Remained under New Asia College following the establishment of The Chinese University of Hong Kong



Became affiliated with New Asia Educational and Cultural Association Limited


New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies has maintained close association with New Asia College in academic research and teaching. Through its curriculum, public lectures and academic publications, the Institute is committed to preserving and inheriting Chinese culture and the New Asia educational ideals.

New Asia Middle School and New Asia College

Aiming to better promote Chinese culture as New Asia College grew in scale, Mr. Ch’ien Mu proposed to set up a secondary school and develop elementary education in Chinese language in Hong Kong.



The Board of Trustee of New Asia College adopted the proposal to set up a non-profit Chinese-language secondary school at the Farm Road venue after the College moved to the Chinese University campus in Shatin.



The Education Department of the Hong Kong Government approved New Asia’s proposal for a new secondary school. The New Asia Educational and Cultural Association was established as the sponsoring body of the proposed school.



The New Asia Middle School officially commenced in September.


Sharing the “New Asia Spirit”, New Asia Middle School has been in close partnership with New Asia College. The “Seminar on Traditional Chinese Culture”, co-organized annually by the College and New Asia Middle School, facilitated mutual understanding of Chinese culture in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. In 2014, New Asia College launched the “New Asia Cultural Talks” which revived the public lectures during the College’s early days, with the support from New Asia Middle School and New Asia College Alumni Association.