Committee on Student Discipline
Prof. NGAI To
Ex-officio Members
Dean of Students
Ms. LUK Man Chung Jean
College Secretary
Prof. CHEUNG Yin Ting Prof. CHUNG Tsz Shun Eric Prof. LAM Hon Ming
Prof. LI Hung Wing Prof. SHU Ching Tat Chester Prof. SO York Kee Clement
Prof. SUM Kim Wai Raymond Dr. WAI Sen Mun Maria Prof. WAN Yau Hang Tom
2 student representatives from College Students’ Union

Effective Date: 01 August 2023


(A) Terms of Reference

  1. To handle student disciplinary cases according to the “Procedures for Handling Student Disciplinary Cases” set by the Senate Committee on Student Discipline of the University, as part of the process of educating students of the College who may have violated any rules/regulations of the University or who may have committed any misconduct, so as to make them realize and correct any mistakes;
  2. To conduct investigations for handling all matters pertaining to the discipline of all students of the College in accordance with the relevant University Regulations;
  3. To recommend concerned students to receive counselling services when necessary;
  4. To be accountable to the Assembly of Fellows.

(B) Composition

  1. Up to 18 members (excluding student representatives);
  2. The Chairperson is appointed by the Assembly of Fellows, while the Secretary is appointed by the College Secretary.

(C) Meeting Schedule

The Chairperson calls for meetings whenever needed.


24 February 2023