Committee on Alumni Affairs and Development
Ex-officio Member
Ms. LUK Man Chung Jean
College Secretary
Prof. CEN Ling Mr. KU Siu Fun Alex Prof. LEUNG Ka Wing
Prof. LI Chen Mr. NG Ka Kit Prof. SZE Yim Binh Fleix
Ms. WONG Chui Hung Anny Mr. YIU Chun Hong Anthony

Effective Date: 01 August 2023


(A) Terms of Reference

  1. To serve as a link between the Alumni Associations and the College;
  2. To advise on the formulation of strategies on College’s alumni affairs;
  3. To provide inputs on fundraising and College development; and
  4. To be accountable to Assembly of Fellows and Standing Committee.

(B) Composition

  1. Up to 18 members
  2. The Chairperson is appointed by the Assembly of Fellows, while the Secretary is appointed by the College Secretary.

(C) Meeting Schedule

  1. The Committee has at least one to two meeting for every academic year;
  2. The Chairperson calls for meetings whenever needed.


Effective Date: 01 August 2023