Seminar on Traditional Chinese Culture
Seminar on Traditional Chinese Culture

The key to promoting traditional Chinese culture inevitably lies in education. Chinese language and history teachers of secondary schools have been making life-long endeavours to enlighten students and shouldering the great responsibility for passing on Chinese culture and traditions.


Organized by the High School Education Committee of the Chinese Society of Education, the “Seminar on Traditional Chinese Culture” has been held since 2000. The Seminar is sponsored by the Su-Shu-Lou Cultural & Educational Foundation, co-organized by the New Asia College and Hong Kong and Traditional Chinese Culture Research Council as well as implemented by New Asia Middle School.


The Seminar on Traditional Chinese has a theme every year, which focuses on traditional Confucian theories. More than 50 principals and teachers from China and Taiwan actively participate in each seminar.  There were nearly a thousand teachers who have been benefited from the seminar and innumerable backhanded beneficiaries of its peers and students!


The College takes the promotion of Chinese culture as its mission. This is our pleasure to co-organize this seminar for the teachers from cross-strait areas, who would bring the knowledge they have learned into the classroom and pass on the traditional Chinese culture to the new generation of students.

Themes of past seminars
2000 (1st)
2001 (2nd)
2002 (3rd)
2004 (4th)
2005 (5th)
2006 (6th)
2007 (7th)
2008 (8th)
2009 (9th)
2010 (10th)
2011 (11th)
2012 (12th)
2013 (13th)
2014 (14th)
2015 (15th)
2016 (16th)
2017 (17th)
2018 (18th)
2019 (19th)
2023 (20th)
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