New Asia Spirit

The establishment of New Asia College is grounded on the founders’ noble educational vision and their persevering spirit. Mr. Ch’ien Mu regarded the New Asia Spirit not only long-suffering, but long-suffering for our ideals. Without noble aspirations, striving in suffering is meaningless. It is self-afflicted. One of the ambitions of the founders of New Asia like Ch’ien Mu, Tang Chun-i, Tchang Pi-kai, and more is to preserve the fine culture of China.


For 70 years, the aspirations of both teachers and students of New Asia have yet to materialise, but the people of New Asia never forget the spirit of our school’s foundation. Below are some of the many articles regarding the spirit of New Asia.


Selected Articles of New Asia Spirit (Chinese version only):

  1. 錢穆:新亞精神(《新亞校刊》第四期,1954年2月)
  2. 唐君毅:我所了解之新亞精神(《新亞校刊》創刊號,1952年6月)
  3. 張丕介:新亞書院誕生之前後(《新亞書院二十週年校慶特刊》,1969年)
  4. 趙冰:勿忘新亞精神(《新亞生活雙周刊》第三卷第四期,1960年7月)
  5. 吳俊升:新亞的精神(《新亞生活雙周刊》第十一卷第八期,1968年10月)
  6. 梅貽寶:雅禮精神與新亞精神(《新亞生活雙周刊》第十三卷第十五期,1971年2月)
  7. 余英時:為「新亞精神」進一新解(《新亞生活雙周刊》第一卷第十一期,1974年7月)