Mentorship Programme
New Session (2023-24) open for application!

Application Deadline: 28 September 2023


All NAC students are welcome to apply:

NAC Alumni graduated in 2018 or before are welcome to apply:


College – Alumni - Students

The programme aims at providing informal education to nourish students. It also aims at strengthening the relationships among the College, Alumni and Students. We provide platforms for Mentors to interact with their mentees. Mentors not only provide career advice to mentees, but also become friends of the mentees. They would share their life in New Asia and other experiences with each other, so as to advance mentees’ studies and conduct.

Matching – Expanding the personal network among alumni and students

The College will match mentees with suitable mentors in the form of small groups according to their preferences (e.g. their interests and expected field of career). Four small groups will form a big group. Members of the big groups are required to meet during the programme period. They are also expected to organize various activities to widen mentees’ knowledge and life experiences. At the end of the programme, we hope the mentors and mentees would establish life-long friendships.

Career Development

The College will hold a Career Talks Day to provide career information in different fields to the mentees. A Career Apprenticeship Scheme will also be held to train mentees with the skill sets for job hunting. Besides, the College would organize different kinds of activities for students to equip themselves for the challenging future.

Mr. Kelvin Cheung
3943 9680