Subsidy and Financial Aid

The College has established term time exchange programmes (for one term or one year) with a number of universities worldwide. The programmes provide students with opportunities to study abroad as an exchange student, in which they can exchange ideas with students of different cultures, and also can better understand the society and culture of other countries.

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Typical expenses

Fees paid to CUHK:

  1. CUHK tuition
  2. Student Union-related fees
  3. Hostel-related fees (Some exchange programmes require students to pay CUHK hostel fees for on-campus accommodation instead of paying the host universities)

Accommodation fee:

Most partner universities provide on-campus accommodation to exchange students, but it’s subject to change over the time. Some programmes provide only off-campus accommodation, and the host universities usually assist students in finding off-campus accommodation.


Other expenses:

  1. Airfare
  2. Visa application fee
  3. Books and supplies
  4. Other personal expenses

*For Japan exchange programmes, students maybe required to purchase the National Health Insurance.

Subsidy and Financial Aid

The College will provide partial subsidies in the form of a lump sum:

Asia — HK$3,000 (Semester) / HK$6,000 (Year)
Non-Asia — HK$7,500 (Semester) / HK$15,000 (Year)


Selected students with financial difficulties may also apply for the College scholarships in January/February. Please visit the College website for details nearer the time.


The College reserves the right to terminate and/or claim repayment of the subsidy, scholarship or any financial aid to students should the students withdraw from the exchange programme, or have failed to complete the exchange programme.


Supported by the “Ministry of Education (MOE) Ten Thousand Student Interflow Programme”, Mainland exchange programmes would be subsidized including accommodation and/or living allowance. For details, please contact China Engagement Office.


The Office of Academic Links provides student exchange financial aid and scholarship scheme (FASS), please visit the OAL website for details.


Students could apply for “Reaching Out Award” (HK$10,000), which will be announced soon through the the college website.