Donation for Collections

Following the clearance of the Kweilin Street Campus, the historical traces and artifacts of New Asia College were scattered through time, with few left. Before organising the History Gallery, we had attempted to collect historical relics, yet the results were barely passable. However, what the gallery presents today can still exhibit our founding fathers’ efforts in radiating Chinese culture and actualising their educational ideals. Their forethought and persistence are exemplary for future learners. To re-create the former academic ambience, the gallery specially featured authentic desks, chairs, and bookshelves from the Farm Road campus. Visitors could also appreciate Mr. Ch’ien Mu’s handwritten draft of the New Asia anthem, the calligraphy and paintings of various founding fathers, the graduation certificates signed by Mr. Ch’ien, and many more. To better endow our gallery exhibits, we hereby entreat all members of New Asia to donate relevant artifacts. Please contact the College Office for any inquiries.