New Asia College was founded in 1949 at a time of extreme adversity by Mr. Ch’ien Mu and other scholars from mainland China. Their objective was to establish an educational institution which integrated  the scholarly spirit of the Song and Ming academies and the tutorial system of western universities. With humanism as its basis, the College also aimed to facilitate cultural exchanges between East and West, and to advocate for peace and the well-being of the human race.

Shatin Period (1973 - Present)


New Asia College moved to CUHK’s new campus in Ma Liu Shui, Shatin. By this time, the number of students exceeded 1,000.



Mr. Ch’ien Mu, one of the College’s founders, was invited to return to Hong Kong, and to give lectures in New Asia College, and thereafter, the “Ch’ien Mu Lecture in History and Culture ” was held annually. In the subsequent decades, the College organised various lecture series, seminars, and exchange programmes.


1973 – 2000:

Four student hostels were completed throughout the period, accommodating nearly 1,200 residents. For the purpose of cultural exchange and student enrichment, the College set up various facilities, such as a clubhouse for staff, an exhibition gallery and a student activity centre.



The College established the “Cheng Ming Award”, the highest honour among all awards. Thanks to the generous support from donors, a wide array of scholarships and bursaries were set up to award students with outstanding academic performance, active participation in social services or financial needs.