Steering Committee on Yu Ying Shih Lecture in History
Head of Chung Chi College
Head of New Asia College
Ex-officio Members
Dr. CHEUNG Mei Chun Jane
College Secretary of Chung Chi College
Ms. LUK Man Chung Jean
College Secretary of New Asia College

Effective Date: 01 August 2023


Background and Mission

In order to promote humanities education and studies of history, New AsiaCollege, Chung Chi College and Department of History of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) have jointly established the “Committee on Yu Ying-shih Lecture in History” (the Committee) in 2007, for which world renowned historians are invited to visit the University to deliver theYu Ying-shih Lecture in History (the Lecture).


(A) Terms of Reference

  1. Duties of the Committee include nominating Speaker for the Lecture and to monitoring / reviewing the arrangement of the Lecture.
  2. Invitation will be made, on an annual basis, to one distinguished historian to visit the University and serve as the Speaker for the Lecture, for a period of one to two weeks, while classes are in session. During the time of visit, the speaker will deliver two public lectures (one Lecture will be delivered on CUHK campus and the other Lecture will be held at the downtown).

(B) Composition

Members of the Committee consist of: Heads of New Asia College and Chung Chi College (being the co-chairpersons of the Committee), College Secretaries of New Asia College and Chung Chi College, and professors from the Department of History, CUHK.


(C) Meeting Schedule

Meetings of the Committee will be held on a regular basis, and a staff of New Asia College will act as the Secretary of the Committee.


12 January 2017