New Asia College received HK$15 Million donation from Tin Ka Ping Foundation to support Chinese culture projects, scholarships and bursaries, and new hostel construction

New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has recently received a generous donation of HK$15 million from the Tin Ka Ping Foundation (the Foundation) to support a programme named “Replant Spiritual Roots, Nourish our Talents” and the construction of its new hostel. The Programme will promote Chinese culture and will establish new scholarships and bursaries.


In appreciation of the generosity of the Foundation, a cheque presentation ceremony was held on 30 September at CUHK. Mr. Tin Hing-sin, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation, Mr. Tai Hay-lap, Vice Chairman of the Board, Mr. Tin Wing-sin and Professor Kenneth Young, Directors of the Foundation, Professor Rocky S Tuan, Vice-Chancellor and President of CUHK, Mr. Charles Leung Ying-wai, Chairman of the College Board of Trustees, Professor Hector Chan Sun-on, College Head, guests of the Foundation, as well as trustees and colleagues from the College attended this happy occasion.


Professor Rocky Tuan expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Foundation for their generosity. “As the long-term beneficiary party, we respectfully remember the generosity of Dr. Tin, and cautiously make use of the donation. Together we contribute to our country by promoting moral education.”


Mr. Charles Leung and Professor Hector Chan also expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the support of the Foundation. Prof. Chan said, “Dr. Tin devoted his life for philanthropy and education mission of ‘promoting of moral education, Chinese culture, and integration with world’s civilization’, which is in fact a realization of New Asia Spirit. The education visions of Dr. Tin and our College founder Mr. Ch’ien Mu, will be carried on by the collaboration of their successors.”


Mr. Tin Hing-Sin, the chairman of the Board of Directors stated that it is the Foundation’s honour to be a part of CUHK and New Asia College. He is so touched to have this opportunity to support CUHK and New Asia College again and collaborate with each other on new projects. The Foundation especially appreciates the emphasis of New Asia College in promoting Chinese culture education to young generations. The Foundation is looking forward to more collaborations with New Asia College and CUHK.


“Replant Spiritual Roots, Nourish our Talents” Programme

The Programme aims at promoting the moral education of Chinese culture by organizing seminars, Chinese culture activities and summer camps for education professionals in mainland, local undergraduates and junior secondary school students. The education professionals will be able to bring what they have learnt to their schools after the Seminar. New scholarships and bursaries will be established to help financially challenged students, and to award students with outstanding performance not only academically, but also in extra-curricular activities or social services.


The 40th Anniversary of Tin Ka Ping Foundation

A renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist, the late Dr. Tin Ka-ping established the Tin Ka Ping Foundation in 1982 with the mission of promoting moral education, Chinese cultural studies as well as improving the quality of education for a better future of our motherland. The Foundation is devoted to supporting a wide range of charitable causes, in particular for the education sector in Hong Kong and China. In celebration of its 40th Anniversary and its long devotion in contributing to our society and our country, the Foundation donated to the College to support Chinese culture projects, new scholarships and bursaries, and the construction of new hostel. The donation also marks its close cooperation partnerships with CUHK and New Asia College.


Source: Communications and Public Relations Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


CUHK Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Rocky S. Tuan expresses his heartfelt gratitude to Tin Ka Ping Foundation for its generous donation.


Chairman of CUHK New Asia College’s Board of Trustees Mr Charles Leung Ying-wai gives a speech.


Head of CUHK New Asia College Professor Hector Chan Sun-on gives a speech.


Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tin Ka Ping Foundation, Mr Tin Hing-sin gives a speech.


Professor Hector Chan Sun-on (right) presents a calligraphy to Mr Tin Hing-sin (left) as an appreciation.