Establish Scholarships and Bursaries.Nurture Outstanding New Asians


Letter from College Head 


Support our fellow students

Establish scholarships and bursaries to nurture outstanding New Asians

Dear New Asians,


Greetings of peace! As our College approaches its 75th anniversary, we are actively making preparations for celebration. At the same time, I am also concerned about students’ needs and shall strive to continue our founders’ mission to promote Chinese cultural education.


Increased need for student support after the pandemic
Although our society emerged from the shadow of COVID-19 last year, there saw lingering issues facing the campus. The mental health and family finances of our students were hard hit by the pandemic. Fortunately, each and every New Asia student is still striving for the best in their studies and in College activities. We hope to acquire more resources to support and motivate them to go forward.


Extend our support to more students
Currently, scholarship recipients account for about 11% of our students; financial aid recipients are limited to around 1%. We are in need of more scholarships and bursaries to recognize students who have excelled in various aspects, as well as to alleviate the financial burden on underprivileged students, so that they can focus more on their studies.


Scholarships and Bursaries are not just financial support, but empowerment and enlightenment
The scholarships and bursaries offered by the College not only give encouragement and financial assistance to the recipients, but also enable them to meet and exchange with the scholarship / bursary donors. This allows them to understand the donors’ mission in setting up these funds and learn about their life experience, rendering both material and spiritual support.


With your support, we are not alone
Economic instability has placed a heavy burden on us. During difficult times, I often recall the hardships encountered by our founders in the most economically challenged decades of the 1950s. Their faith and experience encourage me – “In adversity and perils I forge ahead, in poverty and want I remain passionate” – for I strongly believe that with New Asians marching forward together, we shall paint a brighter future.


Please support us
Our New Asia students have made good use of the scholarships and bursaries to enhance themselves. You may read the testimonials of recent scholarship / bursary recipients to understand how the funds have supported and encouraged them. As the College marks its 75th anniversary, let’s add 75 awards to bring the most precious gift to our students.


In the past, I have called upon your support to the “New Asia Student Development Fund”, and I am pleased to see that New Asians have responded enthusiastically, facilitating the establishment of multiple new projects. I hope you will again support the College, join hands with us to overcome the challenges, and look forward to the 75th anniversary of our alma mater, while also propelling New Asia to move forward.


Wishing you all good health and continued prosperity.


Chan Sun-On Hector
College Head
New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Testimonials from Scholarship and Bursary Recipients


I come from an underprivileged family. After entering university, I had to work part-time for living expenses, and also support my family. The College’s scholarships and bursaries have been tremendously significant to me. Not only have they alleviated the financial burden on my family, but have also allowed more time for me to focus on my studies and build a solid knowledge foundation for my dreams. I can now enjoy the wonderful university experience just like other students.


LO Man Yu – 2023 Graduate of Chinese Language and Literature
Bursary Recipient
Scholarship Recipient (Admission) (Financial Needs)



Despite serious illness, my determination to pursue academic excellence remains unwavering. I am grateful for these scholarships which affirm my perseverance. Due to limitations in my handwriting abilities, I purchased assistive devices with a portion of the funding support which have enhanced my note-taking efficiency. I am truly thankful for the ongoing support from New Asia College, and I take pride in myself as an alumnus of the College.


LEE Sik Kit – 2023 Graduate of Economics
Scholarship Recipient (Financial Needs)



I have established a youth-led non-profit organization “The Special Education Youth Association”. Through College scholarships, I had the opportunity to participate in the 11th University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS) held at the United Nations Conference Center. This experience allowed me to gain insights into the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and deeply reflect on how I can provide richer resources and quality education for the special educational needs (SEN) community. I am eagerly looking forward to embarking on future endeavors and striving to live up to the motto of New Asia College, “Sincerity and Intelligence”.


LEUNG Wing Kiu Rainie – Undergraduate student of Chinese Language Studies and Chinese Language Education
Scholarship Recipient (Activities/Services)



I am a medical student who is passionate about serving the community, and I was named one of the “10 Outstanding University Students” in 2023. Earlier this year, I founded a medical student organization “Chat & Heal” and led my peers in providing service to long-term patients, bringing healing to their body, mind and soul. I am grateful for the College’s recognition which has allowed me to utilize the scholarships to broaden my horizons with fruitful experiences, such as a medical exchange trip to the Greater Bay Area, a volunteer program in Indonesia, and a medical school summer course in Vancouver. The College’s recognition has motivated me to steadfastly uphold a people-centered aspiration to save lives and help the needy. While striving for my own future, I am also committed to giving back to the community.


HUI Wing Kiu Chloe – Undergraduate student of MBChB
Scholarship Recipient (Activities/Services) (Sports Performance)



I currently serve as the Vice President of a joint-university volunteer educational organization that supports underprivileged children in Mainland China. The scholarship from New Asia College has provided me with greater financial support, allowing me to focus on volunteer work and promote the learning motivation and educational attainment of disadvantaged children. I truly appreciate the support from the College and its donors. With your encouragement, I shall continue to strive for self-improvement and actively assist those in need.


LYU Zuohang – Undergraduate student of Economics
Scholarship (Financial Needs) Recipient

What to support

You may choose to support

  • New Asia College 75th Anniversary Scholarship
    Awarding annual scholarships to three New Asia College students who have special needs, pursue further studies in Mainland China or abroad, and actively participate in Mainland-related activities.
    (If the fundraising amount reaches HK$750,000, we shall operate and manage it as a perpetual fund)
  • “New Asia Scholarship Fund” or “New Asia Bursary and Emergency Financial Aids Fund”
  • Establishing a named scholarship or bursary (by installments / monthly donations from multiple donors)

Establishing a named scholarship / bursary

  • Donate HK$100,000 (one-off or by 10-year installments) to establish a named scholarship / bursary
  • Donate HK$250,000 (one-off or by 5-year installments of HK$60,000 per year) to establish a perpetual named scholarship / bursary
  • Joint Donation: You can form a group and support the College with monthly donations. (Click here for details)
  • Please email to or call 3943-9680 (Mr. Kelvin Cheung) for the details

Click here to view the detailed “Introduction and Establishment Procedures for New Asia College Scholarships / Bursaries”.

Reference information:

  • The current tuition fee for local undergraduates is HK$42,100 per annum
  • The recommended scholarship amount is HK$10,000 / HK$20,000 per student, or a “half-tuition scholarship” of HK$21,050 / a “full-tuition scholarship” of HK$42,100
  • The recommended bursary amount is HK$10,000 / HK$20,000 per student
  • Scholarships can be awarded based on the following selection criteria, in addition to outstanding academic and moral competencies:
    • Excellent admission scores (to attract outstanding students to study at New Asia College and enhance the academic atmosphere on campus)
    • Active planning or participation in extra-curricular activities and community service
    • Financial needs
    • Outstanding performance in sports
    • Participation in overseas exchange programs (to support outgoing exchange students with scholarships)
  • Enthusiastic alumni have previously established “Alumni Scholarships” for different graduation classes. You may consider enriching existing scholarships or establishing new “Alumni Scholarships” (click here for details)

Joint Donation
(by monthly donations with multiple donors)

We encourage you to make joint donations and support the College with monthly donations.


If a group of donors consisting of 10 friends each contributes $1,000 per month for a year (totaling over HK$100,000), they can establish a named scholarship that will last for 10 years.



Graduate Alumni Scholarship


With its long history, our College has seen enthusiastic alumni from different generations establishing “Alumni Scholarships.” To encourage alumni to establish dedicated scholarships for their respective graduation classes, alumni only need to pledge a donation of HK$100,000 which can be spread over three years, to establish the Graduate Alumni Scholarship for their graduation class. For example, if 10 alumni commit to monthly donations of $300 over three years, totaling over HK$100,000, the scholarship will be established.



The “Alumni Scholarships” that have been established to date are as follows. Alumni are welcome to enrich these scholarships:

  • 1967 Alumni Scholarship (Perpetual Fund)
  • Class of 1967 Golden Jubilee Scholarship (Perpetual Fund)
  • 1968 Alumni Scholarship (Perpetual Fund)
  • 1972 Business Administration Alumni Scholarship (Perpetual Fund)
  • 1973 Alumni Scholarship
  • 1973 Chemistry Alumni Scholarship
  • 1974 Alumni Scholarships
  • 1975 Alumni Scholarships (Perpetual Fund)
  • NABA 1975 Scholarships (Perpetual Fund)
  • 1976 Alumni Scholarships
  • 1977 Alumni Scholarship (Perpetual Fund)
  • 1977 Business Administration Scholarship
  • 1978 Alumni Scholarship
  • NABA 1978 Scholarship
  • 1979 Alumni Scholarships
  • 1980 Alumni Scholarship
  • 1981 Alumni Scholarship
  • 1982 Alumni Scholarship
  • 1983 Alumni Scholarship
  • 2005 Graduation Class Award for Outstanding Activities

Other Projects

We also welcome your support for other projects of the College. Details are as follows:

Student Enrichment

Promotion of Chinese Culture

Gifts from the U.S. and Canada

We welcome the support from our alumni and friends from around the world. Donations made in US dollars and Canadian dollars are eligible for local tax deduction with receipts. Please click here for more information.


Donor Recognition

For detailed information, please click here.


Let’s join hands and work together to promote Chinese culture and nurture students

For over 70 years, New Asia College has remained steadfast to uphold the educational mission of its founders. With your generous support, we shall embark on new initiatives and make greater contribution to the well-being of our students and society at large.

Mr. Kelvin Cheung, Senior College Development Officer