Welcoming Luncheon for New Staff 2023/24

College Head Professor Sun-On Chan delivering a welcome speech

Chairperson of the Staff Association Professor Ngai To giving a speech

Professor Sun-on Chan (back row, sixth from left) and Professor Ngai To (back row, seventh from left) with the new colleagues

[November 2023 issue]

Jointly organised by the College and the Staff Association, the Welcoming Luncheon for New Staff was held at Yun Chi Hsien on 29 September 2023. Nearly 30 staff have been newly affiliated to our College this year, and more than half attended the Luncheon.

College Head Professor Sun-on Chan delivered a welcome speech at the Luncheon, introducing the characteristics and structure of the College to the new colleagues, and inviting them to actively participate in various College activities. Professor Ngai To, Chairperson of the Staff Association, also gave a speech at the Luncheon and encouraged new colleagues to join the activities organised by the Association. Through this Luncheon, the College and the College Staff Association hoped to enable new colleagues to have a better understanding of and integrate into College life.