Alumni Convener Network

To further strengthen the communication between alumni and the College, we have initiated the network of New Asia College Alumni Conveners and Class Coordinators. We invite alumni to join this network from time to time.

    • Alumni Conveners will liaise with Class Coordinators of a few cohort years
    • Class Coordinators will act as the contact of his/her graduate class

Main contributions:

    • To assist in the promotion of college events
    • To provide valuable opinions on College development

The most recent Alumni Conveners are:

Name Major / Year
Prof. Lau Ho Fuk 1967 / Business Management
Ms. Lee Kit Lan 1968 / Chinese Language & Literature
Dr. Luk Kwok Sun Steven 1971/ History
Ms. Ho Suk Ching Sara 1972 / Business Management
Mr. Yeung Kai Chiu 1976 / Finance
Mr. Ng Fu Keung Dick 1979/ Journalism & Communication
Ms. Poon Suk Yi Cindy 1981 / History
Mr. Poon Yun Cham Eric 1982 / Physics
Ms. Kwok Yuen Fung Winnie 1986 / English
Prof. Chong Tai Leung Terence 1991 / Economics
Ms. Leung Suk Ching 1993 / History
Mr. Chan Ka Lok Joseph 1996 / Professional Accountancy
Prof. Chung Tsz Shun Eric 1998 / Mathematics
Prof. Cheung Kam Siu 2000 / Chinese Language & Literature
Dr. Chui Pui Chee 2003 / Fine Arts
Miss Young Wing Yan Manda 2003 / Pharmacy
Ms. Yip Wing Wa Amy 2007 / Translation
Ms. Kung Wai Han Chris 2011 / Religious Studies
Mr. Choi Chung Lam Timothy 2013 / Government & Public Administration

We are inviting more Class Coordinators. Alumni who are interested in serving as class Co-ordinators can contact Mr. Kelvin Cheung, New Asia College (Tel: 3943 9680; Email: