Message from College Head
Prof. Hector Chan Sun-On

Greetings to New Asia Alumni! Having a history of more than 70 years, the College has been nourishing many outstanding alumni who are contributing to society. Every alumnus is passing on the New Asia Spirit in different ways. They supported by giving valuable advices or providing financial supports to different areas, such as student development, College facility construction, and College development. With the support of alumni, we went through many difficulties and amplified our achievements together. The College hopes to continue to keep in touch with alumni through different means of communication and activities in the future. We also hope to reconnect with alumni who have lost contacts, in order to strengthen the bonds of members of this New Asia Family. Each of you carries a New Asia Story; and each Story is a unique interpretation of New Asia spirit. We hope to pass on these Stories to our next generation. We welcome alumni to come back to campus and participate in various alumni activities. Not only to reminisce about the your memories, but also to replenish your experience of New Asia spirit, such that all New Asians would shine with this spirit and make contributions in our challenging society.


Hector Sun-On Chan
Head, New Asia College