50th Anniversary Reunion for Class 1972

The alumni revisited the Farm Road campus

The College especially prepared a cake to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the 1972 graduates.

Group photo of Class 1972

[November 2023 issue]

The Golden Jubilee Reunion for Class 1972 was successfully held on 21 October this year, with over 20 alumni and their family members attending the event. The College arranged for the alumni to revisit the old campus at Farm Road where they reminisced about their years of study.

Last year marked the 50th anniversary of the 1972 graduates, but the celebration could not be held due to the pandemic. We were so grateful to be able to organise the reunion this year.

The 1972 graduates spent their times at the Farm Road campus, so the College arranged a visit to the old place in the afternoon. The Farm Road campus was transformed into the New Asia Middle School in 1973, while New Asia College relocated to the current Shatin campus. Although the New Asia Middle School has undergone changes in facilities and renovations over the past 50 years, the alumni could still recognise different parts of the campus as they walked around. In the auditorium of the pavilion on the Farm Road campus, everyone sang the College Anthem together, reliving their memories.

At 3pm, the alumni took a tour of the CUHK Campus by shuttle bus, with student helpers introducing them to the new developments on the campus. For the 1972 graduates, the Shatin campus was entirely unfamiliar. Everyone marvelled at the beauty of the campus. They then visited the New Asia Campus, starting by finding their engraved names in the New Asia Amphitheatre, followed by touring the newly completed Mei Yun Tang, the fifth student hostel.

In the evening, more alumni arrived at Yun Chi Hsien. Some alumni even returned from overseas to participate in the reunion. During the dinner, the College arranged a slide show of old photos, and the alumni enthusiastically shared their old memories and how New Asia education has influenced their lives.

Through the alumni’s sharing, everyone not only looked back on the past but also looked forward to the future. Despite being retired, they are still passionate about contributing to their alma mater, truly embodying the lyrics of the College Anthem, “Stepping forward with your companions when you are still young”.

This event could not have been successful without the help of the class coordinators. The College sincerely thanks them and hopes that the 1972 graduates will continue to support the College’s activities and care about the development of their alma mater.