30th Anniversary Reunion for Class 1993

During the campus tour, the alumni revisited the Chih Hsing Hall and explored the newly completed fifth student hostel, Mei Yun Tang.

The College was honoured to have former teacher Professor Cheung Hok-ming Frederick (first from left) attending the reunion.

Group photo of the 1993 graduates at New Asia Amphitheatre

[November 2023 issue]

The 30th Anniversary Reunion for Class 1993 was held on 9 September. Nearly 60 alumni participated in the reunion which included campus tours and revisiting student hostels in the afternoon session.

At 3pm, more than ten alumni arrived the campus to join the campus tour. They first took a shuttle bus to tour the University, with student helpers introducing the new developments on the campus. For those alumni who had not visited their alma mater for 30 years, the changes in the University were significant. In addition to new Colleges, there have been many new buildings and facilities. They then continued the tour at New Asia College where they revisited the Chih Hsing Hall and explored the newly completed fifth student hostel, Mei Yun Tang. This new hostel has a spacious feel which contrasts greatly with the old hostels. All participating alumni felt that the current students were very fortunate.

In the evening, nearly sixty alumni and their family members gathered at Yun Chi Hsien. Despite not seeing each other for many years, the alumni still recognised one another and engaged in various conversations immediately. This time, we were honoured to have Professor Chan Yuk-keung Kurt from the Department of Fine Arts and Professor Cheung Hok-ming Frederick from the Department of History attending the event, demonstrating the precious bond between teachers and students.

The event began with the singing of the College Anthem, followed by a welcome speech from College Head Professor Sun-on Chan. The Chairman of the New Asia College Alumni Association Ms. Anny Wong also attended to show support for the event. During the “poon choi” dinner, alumni not only reminisced about old photos from their time at the College, but also shared fun stories of the past. Many stories from the hostel were mentioned, bringing everyone back to thirty years ago with laughter.

This event would not have been successful without the help from the class co-ordinators. The College sincerely thanks them and hopes that the 1993 graduates will continue to support the College’s activities and stay connected to the development of their alma mater.