New Asia Life Monthly Magazine – March 2024

The main contents of this issue include —

Alumni Reunion
The College organised the 40th Anniversary Reunion for Class 1983, the 22nd Anniversary Reunion for Class 2001, and the 20th Anniversary Reunion for Class 2003 in November and December last year respectively. More than 150 graduates and their families and friends returned to the College to join the campus tour and the reunion dinner.

Mentorship Programme
This year’s Mentorship Programme organised a Career Development Day on 20 January, in which alumni from various industries were invited to host sharing sessions, attracting more than 110 mentees and students to attend. The College also held a Lunar New Year Pun Choi Dinner for the mentors and mentees to exchange views and celebrate the Chinese New Year together.

Column “Heterogeneity in a Single Theme
The theme of this issue is “Golden Flames” and is written by two alumni Mr. Chan Pak-ka (07/Chinese Language and Literature) and Mr. Kung Man-chun (17/Journalism and Communication). Pak-ka continued to lead us to a journey to Italy and wrote about the magnificent eruption of the Stromboli Volcano. Man-chun reminisced about his favourite Hong Kong-style café during his school days and lamented the people and things we have lost in the pandemic.

Column “Journey Around the Globe”
In this issue, we have invited Miss Siu Yiu-ching (21/Biochemistry) to share with us her experience as a PhD student in Neuroscience at the University of Oxford. With a vibrant and humorous touch, Yiu-ching talked about her study life in Oxford, the difficulties and anecdotes she encountered, as well as her personal growth and learning experience.