New Asia Life Monthly Magazine – January 2024

The main contents of this issue include —

Opening Ceremonies
The Opening Ceremonies of the College’s student hostel “Mei Yun Tang” and “Tin Ka Ping Hall” were held on 24 November 2023 with the participation of Professor Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor and President of CUHK, representatives of the Mei Yun Tang as well as the Tin Ka Ping Foundation, members of the College Board of Trustees, and nearly 100 donors and guests.

Alumni Reunion
The Reunion for Class 1993 and the Golden Jubilee Reunion for Class 1972 were held on 9 September and 21 October 2023 respectively. More than 60 alumni, their family members and friends returned to the New Asia campus to reminisce about the memories of their school years.

Column “Heterogeneity in a Single Theme”
The theme of this issue is “Busy Daily Life” and is written by two alumni Mr. Kung Man-chun (17/Journalism and Communication) and Ms. Wong Yuk-shan (18/Fine Arts). Man-chun expressed that in the midst of his busy daily life, the short moments spent with his friends made him realise the simplicity and happiness of the world. Through sharing the scenes captured by her eyes, Yuk-shan brought us to reflect on how the feeling of “busyness” is formed.

The “Display of Calligraphy (Couplet) by Professor Lee Yun-woon” was held at the New Asia College Ch’ien Mu Library earlier this year. Ms. Yeung Kin-sie (78/Chinese Language and Literature) introduced the couplets displayed in the exhibition and gave us a fruitful and valuable lesson in calligraphy with Professor Lee’s explanation of the contents of the masterpieces.