New Asia Life Monthly Magazine – February 2024

The main contents of this issue include—

Exchange Activity
New Asia College and the New Asia College Alumni Association jointly organised the “Exploring the Footprints of Mr. Ch’ien Mu with the Head of New Asia College – Taipei Four-Day Cultural Exchange Tour” from 14 to 17 December 2023, with College Head Professor Sun-On Chan leading our teachers and alumni to explore The Ch’ien Mu House and Taipei. College trustee Mr. Wong Ho-chiu and affiliated staff Dr. Margaret Lei shared their thoughts and feelings towards the trip.

Professor Fan Sin-piu, former Editor-in-Chief of New Asia Life Monthly Magazine and former Professor of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, CUHK shared with us the purpose of establishing the Magazine, the new elements added during his tenure, and his vision of an ideal New Asia Life Monthly Magazine.

Column “Heterogeneity in a Single Theme”
The theme of this issue is “Gain and Loss” and is written by two alumni Mr. Yang Sze-ngai Raymond (17/Government and Public Administration) and Ms. Cheung Ying Jasmine (17/Chinese Medicine). Raymond shared about the learning of “wanting fully without attachment”, encouraging us to truly perceive and accept our feelings and needs, and to be sincere to ourselves. Jasmine led us to rethink the meaning of life through the depiction of the dying moments of her beloved cat. 

Invitation for Article
As we enter the Year of the Dragon, this issue invited Dr. Hung Yeuk-chun (96/Chinese Language and Literature), Senior Lecturer of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, CUHK, to introduce the zodiac sign “dragon” and its interesting phenomena from the various aspects of history and culture, literature and art, as well as language and linguistics.