New Asia Life Monthly Magazine – April 2024

The main contents of this issue include—

Alumni Connection
The College and the College Alumni Association held a Lunar New Year Party on 1 March 2024 at Hilton Garden Inn Hong Kong Mongkok. More than 130 alumni, friends and students gathered to celebrate the festive season.

Alumni Interview
In this issue, we have invited two alumni Mr. Chow Kam-ming (91/History) and Mr. Hui Man-chung (91/History) to share their learning experience at CUHK, their four years of hostel life at Chih Hsing Hall, as well as their connection with and affection for their alma mater after graduation.

Column “Heterogeneity in a Single Theme”
The theme of this issue is “Resilience” and is written by two alumni Mr. Yang Sze-ngai Raymond (17/Government and Public Administration) and Ms. Wong Yuk-shan (18/Fine Arts). Raymond brought out the importance of listening to and respecting one’s inner voice through an experience of arranging meetings with a colleague. Yuk-shan wrote about the unforgettable memories in life from which the body instinctively tried to escape but in vain.

Dr. Lai Ying-lun David (70/Botany) reflected on his academic career over the past four decades, recalling how his mentors motivated him to work in the U.S. Federal Government and engage in toxicological research for more than thirty years.