Student Hostels

The four student hostels at New Asia College together accommodate 1,170 residents, representing 30-40% of the student population.

Chih Hsing Hall, a male hostel with 129 rooms, provides 345 places. Xuesi Hall, a female hostel, accommodates 226 residents. Grace Tien Hall, a co-ed hostel, provides 60 places for male students and 224 places for female students. Daisy Li Hall, a co-ed hostel provides 161 places for male students and 154 places for female students. The residential period commences from early September in the first term and ends in late May in the second term.

Each hostel has its own common rooms, television room, computer room, study room and restrooms. Air-conditioning and computer network connections are available in individual rooms. Student residents use the “OCTOPUS” cards to operate the air-conditioners and laundry facilities.

One warden and several voluntary resident tutors are appointed at each hostel. They regularly organize hostel activities with the hall associations, so as to strengthen the fellowship among students.

The College implements the “Guaranteed One-year Residence Scheme” so that every student has a chance to experience hostel life.

Application for hostel accommodation will be invited in April for current students and late of August for freshmen respectively. Student can refer to the announcements of the Dean of Students’ Office or the College homepage for details.


Enquiries: 3943 1584/ 3943 7622/ 3943 3740                                 Email :



Student Hostel Regulations

Guidelines on Application for Hostel Residence

Selection Criteria for Hostel Application for local student

Selection Criteria for Hostel Application for Mainland & International Students

Check-In Notice for Residential Students, 2022/2023 Term 2

Check-In Notice for Exchange Residential Students, 2022/2023 Term 2 


Chih Hsing Hall
Xuesi Hall
Chih Hsing Hall Xuesi Hall
Grace Tien Hall
Daisy Li Hall
Grace Tien Hall Daisy Li Hall

Student Hostel Regulations
Student Hostel Regulations