All-Rounder Award Scheme
To partake in the great studies and careers in human development, one must possess aspirations that are steadfastly pursued and knowledges of a broad spectrum.
The New Asia College Regulation No. 8
From the diversity of human cultures, understand your obligations and responsibilities; from your personality and natural endowment, discover your interests and capabilities.
The New Asia College Regulation No. 11

(1) Introduction

The New Asia College All-rounder Award Scheme aims to facilitate students’ personal development to widen their exposure and acquire a greater variety of knowledge and skills in order to develop into an all-rounded professional. Unlike structured training programs, this Scheme encourages students to set their own learning goals and achieve them step by step. Students attaining their goals will receive an award from the College.


(2) Objectives
Participants of the Scheme shall achieve the following objectives:
  1. To achieve all-round development and put into practice New Asia College’s education philosophy, through a balanced participation in ethical, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and cross-cultural activities.
  2. To advance oneself and take charge in self development by planning an active participation in non-formal education activities.
  3. To increase knowledge of cultural diversity, learn to embrace and respect differences, and enhance sense of social responsibility.

(3) Marking Scheme
Activities should be duly recorded in the activity report for the calculation of marks.  Reports will be collected at the end of each semester with a specified deadline.  After verification, the College will determine the awardees who will be invited to the "Head's List (Merit)/Head's List (Service) and Student Achievement Commendation Ceremony" for presentation of awards.
  1. Each activity can be counted once only.
  2. Activities organized by the New Asia College, the New Asia College Student Union and its registered organizations are accepted under the schemes. For other activities, prior approval by the College is necessary.
  3. Marks may be accumulated until graduation.
  4. Activities involving remuneration are excluded from the Scheme.

(4) Rewards 

Participants of the Scheme shall regularly take part in non-formal education activities during their study period. Each evaluation period lasts from 1 August to 31 July in the following year. Marks may be accumulated until graduation.

Gold Award
40 points or above; has completed at least one activity in each of the six areas.
Silver Award
30-39 points; has completed at least one activity in each of the five areas (out of six areas).
Bronze Award
20-29 points; has completed at least one activity in each of the four areas (out of six areas).
(5) Categorization of College Activities ( download)
(6) Activity Report ( download)