Career Talks Day 2021-22

New Asia College (CUHK) Mentorship Programme 2021/22

Career Talks Day

Event contents

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The Career Talks Day aims at providing career information of various industries. The contents are suitable for student of all years, and are for participants to better equip themselves for career planning.

Date: 15 Jan 2022 (Sat)

Time: 2:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Venue: This activity will be conducted by ZOOM online.

Target Audience: All students of New Asia College and alumni who graduated in or after 2017

Registration: online registration at

Registration Deadline: 11 Jan 2022 (Tue)


1. All students of New Asia College and alumni who graduated in or after 2017 are welcome. Priority will be given to mentees of Mentorship Programme 21/22. Confirmation email will be sent to successful applicants on or before 13 Jan 2022.

2. To fulfil the requirement of Mentorship Programme 21/22, mentees are required to join at least one of the career sharing sessions or the keynote speech.

3. Careers sharing sessions will be conducted in Cantonese. English interpretation will be provided in Keynote Speech, if necessary.


The event consists of two sections:

1. Career Sharing Sessions: there will be 2 time slots. 3-4 Sessions are held concurrently in each time slot. Contents cover various industries, students may select any sessions, and are welcome to attend sessions of 2 time slots.

2. Keynote Speech: held from 5PM-6PM, the content is suitable for everyone.

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Participants may prepare questions to ask during the sharing sessions.


Mr. Kelvin Cheung, College Development Officer (Alumni Affairs)
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