Mentorship Programme
New Asia College Mentorship Programme 2020-21 is now open for application! Please click on the links below for registration:
Mentor application:
Mentee application:


The programme also comes with a "Career Apprenticeship Scheme". It aims at providing more intensive training to mentees. Please Click here for more details.


The special feature of New Asia College Mentorship Programme is that it values much on inspiring each other. Not only do the mentors provide career advice to mentees, participants of the programme will organize various activities which are both recreational and educational. Mentors and mentees become friends and they share life experiences with each other. Career advice is not the only highlight in the programme, we also pay much emphasis on advancing mentees’ studies and conduct.
The College will match mentees with suitable mentors in the form of small groups according to their preferences (e.g. their interests and expected field of careers). Four small groups will form a big group. Members of the big groups are required to meet during the programme period. They are also expected to organize various activities to widen mentees’ knowledge and life experiences.
The College will hold a Career Talks Day to provide career information of different fields to the mentees. A Career Apprenticeship Scheme will also be held to train up mentees with the skill sets for job hunting. 
All students of New Asia College are welcome to join the Programme.


  • - To establish mentoring relationship between alumni and students
  • - To provide platforms for alumni and students to interact, exchange ideas and share experiences.
  • - To help students gain exposure and enrich social life through mentor-mentee connections.
  • - To build up and strengthen relationship among alumni, students and the College.

About the Programme 

  • - Programme period: Every October to May of next year
  • - All students of New Asia College are welcome to join the Programme. Under first-come-first-served bases, the quota depends on the participation rate of mentors. Priority will be given to students who have not joined this Programme before.
  • - Alumni of New Asia College who have graduated for 5 years or above (i.e. Graduates of 2015 or earlier would be eligible for the Programme) are welcome to take up the role as mentors. Each mentor will lead 1-3 student mentees.

Click here to read the Introduction to NAC Mentorship Programme and the Quick Guide to New Asia Mentorship Programme 


College Development Officer (Alumni Affairs)

Mr. Kelvin Cheung

New Asia College