Subsidy Scheme for Summer Study Abroad

 A.      Objectives

This scheme aims to encourage students to enrich their learning experience and to broaden their horizon by attending summer schools in various overseas universities. The College hopes that such experiences can enable students to deepen their understanding of different culture of places worldwide, develop mutual understanding and foster exchange between universities. This subsidy Scheme is funded by The KJ & HK Charitable Trust Overseas Exchange Scholarships, Mr. Michael Wong Student Exchange Scholarships and New Asia College Alumni Golf Association (NAGAA) Summer Exchange Scholarships.

Student's sharing from New Asia Life Monthly - Oct 2018 (University of Cambridge)

Student's sharing from New Asia Life Monthly - Jan 2019 (University of California, Berkeley)


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B.      Eligibility

a.       All New Asia College students (except final-year students whose expected graduation is 2019-20 2nd-term)

b.       Good academic and disciplinary standing

c.       English Proficiency (particularly for studying in English speaking countries)

Students are advised to check the website of the respective university for detailed information on application deadline(s), admission requirements (especially English language requirements), programmes / courses available, accommodation and meal arrangement, and fees and payment deadline, etc.

D.      Quota

- 12 for University of California, Berkeley (Summer Sessions)
- 12 quotas for
University of Cambridge (including International Summer Programmes and Pembroke-King's Programme)
 - 8
for the other overseas universities



E.      Application Procedures

           a. Submit Online Application from 6- 31 January 2020.


           b. Copies of IELTS or TOEFL report (if any), should be submitted through the online application by uploading supporting documents.

           c. Screening of application and recommendation of grant will be based on the following criteria:

                        1. Academic performance

                        2. Priority will be given to those students without overseas exchange experience

           d. Successful applicants will be informed individually by email on 11 February 2020. Students are required to apply for the

               Summer Programmes by themselves.

            e. Caution money of HK$1,500 shall be payable by successful applicants within 1 week after receiving the notification from the

               College. Failure in registration for the summer schools without a proper reason may result in the forfeiture of the caution



F.      Scholarship from the College


Each participating student would receive a scholarship, namely The KJ & HK Charitable Trust Overseas Exchange Scholarship, Mr. Michael Wong Student Exchange Scholarship or New Asia College Alumni Golf Association (NAGAA) Summer Exchange Scholarship, depending on the region and number of course(s) being passed..


- For Asian regions

  HK$5,000 (Pass 1 course)  or HK$10,000 (Pass 2 courses).

- For non- Asian regions
  HK$10,000 (Pass 1 course)  or HK$20,000 (Pass 2 courses).


             * Students are encouraged to transfer courses and credits back to CUHK, but it is not necessarily required under this scheme.


G.      Disbursement of Funds


Upon completion of the summer course(s), applicants have to fulfil the following requirements in order to be eligible for the scholarship:


a. Submit an official transcript (shows the courses taken and its grades) issued by the host universities as a proof of completing the registered courses.

b. Submit the course outlines and class schedule.

c. Submit a financial report and original receipts (tuition fee, room and board, airfare and insurance) relevant to the programme.

d. Submit a written report (in English; including self-reflection) of 1,000 words, and 5-10 photos with captions featuring the learning experience (The College reserves the right to edit the report for publication).

e. Assist the College in the promotion of cultural exchange activities (such as to share with other College students their learning experience).


H.     Other Financial Assistance

         i) This programme is eligible programmes under "EDB Subsidy Schemes – SSE and SSEBR", eligible students may apply for the subsidy schemes. For more information about financial assistance, please visit the OAL website:

         ii) Students may apply for the Reaching Out Award (ROA) (Application deadline: 31 Jan 2020) which is provided for students participated in outreach activities conducted outside Hong Kong in the academic year 2019/20. For details of the application, please visit the following website:



Mr. Jack Wong

Dean of Students’ Office