Eligibility and Online Application


For all Exchange Programmes:

  1. New Asia College students
  2. Good academic and disciplinary standing

- CUHK full-time students are ONLY allowed to go on exchange for a maximum of one academic year (ie. two regular terms plus one u-wide summer exchange)
- Final year students are NOT eligible to apply for 2nd term exchange.
- If students’ expected graduation term is the first term of the current academic year (i.e. 2020-21, Term 1), they are INELIGIBLE to apply for the exchange programmes.
- Priority would be given to senior students who have neither been on term-time nor summer-term exchange.
- All first year students cannot request for exemption for interview. The College reserves the final right to require a student to attend an interview.

For Japan Programmes only:

  1. Japanese proficiency (“New Practical Japanese I” or above, or equivalent level acquired from other educational institutions)
  2. Knowledge or interest in Japanese culture preferred.
  3. Interview must be required.


For all other non-English language requirements of various host institutions, please refer to the Admission Requirements.

Course Load Requirement During Exchange

Students in new curriculum (4-year)
Students in old curriculum (3-year)
9 Units with passing grades in 6 units per term
12 Units with passing grades in 9 units per term

 (NOTE: Failure to comply with the aforementioned requirements may cause complications to the graduation and/or 100% repayment of college subsidy, scholarship or any financial aid.)

Online application
Download "Indication of Intention to Extend Study Period" form (for final year students only)
Download "Recommendation Form" (ONLY applicable to second year or above (ie. completed at least two semesters at CUHK) )
* Please note that the choices of exchange programmes CANNOT be changed or re-ranking preferences once the application is submitted.

Submission of supporting documents

a) Students who would like to apply for exemption for interview must seek two referees (CUHK full-time teaching staff) to complete the recommendation forms to support his/her request . The form MUST be submitted by the referees through internal mail to the College Office or by email to jackwong@cuhk.edu.hk.

b) For year-one students admitted through non-jupas, please submit public exam results or transcripts of other institutions (via online application) on or before 13 November 2020.

c) For students admitted in the senior year who do not have CUHK GPA (with Associate Degree/ Higher Diploma qualifications), please submit previous transcripts (via online application) on or before 13 November 2020.

d) Proof of TOEFL/IELTS results (only valid from tests on or after 1 September 2019) and non-English language requirements on or before 25 January 2021 by email to jackwong@cuhk.edu.hk.

e) For students who apply for Japan exchange programmes, please submit the transcripts/test reports which shows the Japanese language or cultural courses taken at CUHK or other institutions (via online application) on or before 13 November 2020.