One Year / One Semester Exchange Programmes

The College has established term time exchange programmes (for one term or one year) with a number of universities worldwide. The programmes provide students with opportunities to study abroad as an exchange student, in which they can exchange ideas with students of different cultures, and also can better understand the society and culture of other countries.

Available Exchange Programmes and Admission Requirements
Eligibility and Online Application
Subsidy and Financial Aid
Selection Process

Application and Selection Schedule (revised)
14 Oct  2019 (Mon)
Online Application opens
04 Nov 2019 (Mon)
Online application closes
04 Nov 2019 (Mon) Deadline for referees to submit recommendation form by internal mail or by email (to
(For students who request for interview exemption only)
Jan 2019
Selection interview
(The office will further contact shortlisted students to arrange interviews later)
10 Jan 2020 (Fri) Deadline for returning the completed "Indication of Intention to Extend Study Period" form to NA Office
(For final students who are shortlisted only)
24 Jan 2020 (Fri) Deadline for submitting proofs of score for TOEFL/IELTS by email (to
(NOTE: Valid scores until 1 September 2020)
7 Feb 2020 (Fri), 3:00pm
Selection results will be announced on college website. Also, individual emails will be sent to inform successful candidates.
10 Feb 2020 (Mon), 5:00pm
Deadline for accepting exchange offer
11 Feb 2020 (Tue) Allocation of remaining offers for students in the waiting list till the end

Dean of Students' Office  

Mr. Jack Wong

3943 1690