Language and Culture Passport
Language and Culture Passport

From 2014-15, a brand-new “Language and Culture Passport” has been introduced for students to keep their own learning journal; and to reward those who are active participants or organizers.

How to Use This ‘Passport’

1.NAC students are eligible for a "Language and Culture Passport" when they participate in activities (co)organized by the NAC Language and Culture Committee the first time.  Please fill in your personal particulars for easy identification.

2.At completion of an NAC language or intercultural activity, fill out the learning journal and collect official stamp(s) from the programme instructor or College staff as proof of completion of that activity.

3.ONE stamp will be given for each activity of half day or less, and TWO stamps for a full-day activity.  An extra stamp will be given to active student organizers.  The number of stamps may be considered when students apply for subsidized activities, e.g. cultural field trips during the semester, or the summer Putonghua Programme in Beijing.

4.You are responsible for safekeeping your own "Passport".  College staff may check your Activity Records when processing your applications.

Note: We regret that we cannot certify your past activities if you lose your "Passport". Decisions regarding eligibility of activities rest with the NAC Language and Culture Committee.