Scholarships and Financial Aids
Each year, New Asia College offers about 150 scholarships to over 300 students. Each scholarship amounts from HK$1,000 to HK$100,000. The College has been offering a wide range of College scholarships to students who achieve outstanding academic performance, actively participate in community service or student activities, demonstrate leadership potentials, participate in overseas exchange, or show significant improvement in their studies. The College also supports students with financial needs, through the following schemes:

Scheme Objectives

Summer Research Grant Scheme


To encourage students to enrich their academic experience through conducting research projects in Hong Kong.

Student Study Trip Scheme


To subsidize students who take part in overseas trips in summer for academic purposes, such as attending summer courses, leadership training programme or internship.

Subsidy Scheme for Summer
Study Abroad

To encourage students to enrich their learning experience and to broaden their horizon by attending summer schools in various overseas universities.

Student Emergency Loan


To provide financial assistance to needy students who suffer from acute personal or family hardship.
Mr. Lam Yiu Ming

Student Activity Fund



To subsidize individuals or student bodies to gain experience in organizing and taking part in an array of activities. Types of activities to be subsidized include international activities (e.g. competitions, talks and seminars), short-term overseas exchange programmes, study trips, courses, annual performances and community services.

Campus Service Award Scheme


To support teaching and administrative staff in carrying out their projects. Participating students may gain service experience which is valuable to their future career.
The College also subsidizes student activities with "Manda Young Wing Yan Cultural and Arts Activity Fund" and "1981 Chinese Language and Literature Alumni Chinese Culture Activity Fund".