The mission of the Physical Education Unit is to promote active participation in physical activities and sports by offering a variety of high quality courses and providing a broad spectrum of opportunities for sports participation, with the ultimate goals of enhancing the health and fitness of university members and leading to an active and balanced life.


The major areas of work of the New Asia College Physical Education Unit include:
  1. To assist and guide students to organize a series of diversified annual college sports activities like Athletic Meet, Swimming Gala, Happy Run, Head’s Trophy, Athletes’ Dinner and Sports Promotion Day;
  2. To form and lead college sports teams to take part in intercollegiate competitions;
  3. To maintain and manage college sports facilities including the gymnasium, the tennis court, the dance room, the table tennis room and the fitness room;
  4. To give advice to the Sports Committee of the College on the strategy and policy on sports promotion;
  5. To form staff teams to take part in students versus staff events in the Previous Heads’ Trophy and University Vice-Chancellor’s Cup.