Announcement of 646th Bi-weekly Assembly

New Asia Young Scholars Scheme 2022/23 Open for Application
Since 2013, up to 10 students will be selected to participate in a series of activities in relation to Chinese culture, to engage in College affairs and to build ties with College alumni.
Selection Criteria:
•    A sense of responsibility and confidence
•    Eager to communicate with people and serve the community
•    Enthusiastic about Chinese Culture

Learning Opportunities

•    Deepening understanding towards College history and spirit
•    Participating in a series of training programmes for all-round development
•    Serving as the emcee for College functions
•    Attending College meetings
•    Acting as a bridge between teachers, students, alumni and friends

•    Named as “New Asia Young Scholars”
•    Certificate of completion
•    College scholarship

Application Deadline: 31 March (Thursday). Join us to become all-rounded individuals!  Application Form:

New Language and Culture Activities are ready for You

Although student activities cannot be held in person due to the pandemic, the Language and Culture Committee (LACC) has prepared a variety of language and cultural evenings for everyone in Term 2. We will meet online, and everyone can learn and experience different languages and cultures at home. All students are welcome! For details, please visit the college website and the LACC Facebook page: