Announcement of 644th Bi-weekly Assembly

New Asia College / Ewha Womans University - Global Student Partnership

Co-organized by New Asia College and Ewha Womans University, this programme aims to nurture global leaders through mutual exchange, research study and deepening the understanding of the society and culture of the two regions.

The programme theme for this year is “What next after the COP 26: The implications of the climate crisis and collaborative efforts in Asia”, with Prof. WONG Wing-tak Jack from School of Life Sciences as the academic adviser to guide the students throughout the small-group research study on the theme. There are also opportunities to learn from different scholars or entrepreneurs during the visits.

This programme is free of charge, and all NA students are welcome. Interested students please visit the college website for details and submit online applications on or before 28 February 2022. For enquiries, please contact Mr. Jack Wong (Tel. 3943-1690; Email:, Dean of Students’ Office.

"The Beauty of Nature in CUHK" Photo Contest

The Committee on Environmental protection organize "The Beauty of Nature in CUHK" Photo Contest with the aim to encourage students and staff to be more exposed to the nature, to discover CUHK's natural beauty and wonders and, to share these beautiful photos that inspire them. Winners will be awarded with cash prizes and certificates. All NA students and staff are welcome! For details, please visit the college website.
Registration and Deadline:
Please complete the online registrations and submit entries on or before 11 March 2022.
Short Video Competition 2022: Food and Food Cultures from around the World

The Short Video Competition 2022 organized by the Language and Culture Committee (LACC) is now inviting video entries. Theme of this year is Food and Food Cultures from around the World. For detailed guidelines and updated information, please visit the college website and the LACC Facebook page: