Seminar on Traditional Chinese Culture


The key to promoting traditional Chinese culture inevitably lies in education. Chinese language and history teachers of secondary schools have been making life-long endeavours to enlighten students and shouldering the great responsibility for passing on Chinese culture and traditions.


Organized by the High School Education Committee of the Chinese Society of Education, the "Seminar on Traditional Chinese Culture" has been held since 2000. The Seminar is sponsored by the Su-Shu-Lou Cultural & Educational Foundation, co-organized by the New Asia College and Hong Kong and Traditional Chinese Culture Research Council as well as implemented by New Asia Middle School.


The 19th Seminar on Traditional Chinese Culture, with the theme "《論語》論知命" was held from 11 to 17 July 2019. Around fifty participants of various higher education units from China and Taiwan joined the program this year.


The Seminar has served as a platform for participants to learn from renowned scholars and to exchange their views with fellow teachers. The participants also visited New Asia Middle School , Chi Lin Nunnery and LEGCO.


Mr. FOK Wai Kee Nixon