Yen Kwo Yung Lecture in Life Sciences

New Asia College and School of Life Sciences have co-organized the Yen Kwo Yung Lecture in Life Sciences since 2015 with the aim to broaden the knowledge of life sciences among students and the general public, particularly its value and applications in modern society.


Year Speaker  
Prof. Tsui Lap-Chee
President of the Academy of Sciences of Hong Kong, Former Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Hong Kong
2015/16 Prof. Samuel S.M. Sun
Emeritus Professor of Biology, Member, the Chinese Academy of Engineering
1st talk video            2nd talk video                 3rd talk video
2016/17 Prof. Peter WH Holland
Linacre Professor of Zoology, Former Head of Department of Zoology, The University of Oxford
1st talk video            2nd talk video                 3rd talk video
2017/18 Prof. Peter KL NG
Professor from Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore and Head of Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
1st talk video            2nd talk video                 3rd talk video