New Asia Lectures on Contemporary China

In view of China's rapid growth over the past decade, the College introduced the "New Asia Lectures on Contemporary China" in 2012 with the aim of stimulating public interest in the development of and challenges faced by China. Several scholars or public figures from various professions will be invited each year to deliver lectures/seminars on recent issues related to the economy, society or environment of mainland China, Taiwan, Macau or Hong Kong.

Year Speaker
Ms. Tu Qiao
Author, Director and Journalist
Talk audio
Prof. Yi Rao

Chair Professor of Peking University School of Life Sciences
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2014/15 Mr. ZHANG Jun Sheng

Mr. YANG Jin Lin
Chairman of the Development Committee of Zhejiang University, Former Deputy Director and Spokesman of the New China News Agency (Hong Kong Branch)

Founder and President of Yang Jinlin New Media Holdings Limited
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2015/16 Dr. CHAN Man Hung

Mr. PUN Ka Yeung

Mr. SHAM Kin Fun, John
Head of the China Business Centre, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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CEO of Charmant Asia Pacific, Burgundy Red SCM and PACE Logistics

Renowned actor, scriptwriter, film producer, distributor, cinema house investor and operator
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Prof. ZHENG Yongnian

Mr. Victor JONG & 
Ms. Juni YAN

Mr. LAU Siu-ying, Steve
Professor and Director of East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore
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Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consultants (Shenzhen) Limited, Shanghai Branch (Mr. Victor JONG)
Managing Director, Hong Kong and Taiwan, F5 Networks, Inc. (Ms. Juni YAN)

Chairman and Founder of the Eagles Fund and the China Fortune Holdings Ltd.
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2017/18 Mr. QIAN Gang

Dr. ZHANG Meng

Mr. Savio KWAN

Director of China Media Project, Journalism and Media Studies Centre of HKU, renowned writer and reporter
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Founder of LEAD Youth Leadership Foundation, Founder and CEO of Hypervic Coffee

Former President and Chief Operating Officer of the Alibaba Group, Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner of A&K Consulting Co. Ltd.
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Prof. WU Dui

Dr. Lawrence WONG
Professor of Institute of Mass Spectrometer and Atmospheric Environment, Jinan University
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Managing Partner of the Big Data Elite Asia Limited, Vice President & Convenor of New Economy Task Force of HKiNEDA
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Mr. Jonathan Cheung

Renowned columnist and senior banker
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Dr. C.K. Wong

Chairman of iASPEC Technologies Group
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Dr. Edward Tse

Founder and CEO of Gao Feng Advisory Company, Adjunct Professor of the CUHK Business School
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Prof. LAU Pui-king, Priscilla

Adjunct Professor of the School of Business, Hong Kong Baptist University, Supervisor and Chairman of Hong Kong College of Technology
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Details of the New Asia Lectures on Contemporary China 2022/23 are as follows:


Topic: China’s Reform Performance in Livelihood: Viewed from a Hong Kong Deputy in the National People’s Congress
Speaker: Prof. LAU Pui-king, Priscilla, BBS, JP (Adjunct Professor of the School of Business, Hong Kong Baptist University, Supervisor and Chairman of Hong Kong College of Technology)
Moderator: Prof. Terence CHONG, Associate Professor of Economics and Executive Director of Lau Chor Tak Institute of Global Economics and Finance, CUHK
Date: 4 November 2022 (Friday)
Time: 11:30 a.m.
Venue: Sir Run Run Shaw Hall, CUHK
(The lecture is held at the College Bi-weekly Assembly)

The lecture is conducted in Cantonese. Participation in person or via Zoom online is welcome.

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Mr.  Jason Yeung

Dean of Students' Office