New Asia College Cultural Talks

New Asia College Cultural Talks began in 1950. Speakers were mostly the teachers from the College including prestigious scholars from the Mainland like Mr .Ch’ien Mu, Mr. Tang Chun-I and Mr. Tchang Pi-kai. They aimed to promote Chinese culture, academic and cultural exchanges between East and West, peace and well-being of the human race. Jointly organized by New Asia College and the New Asia College Alumni Association, co-organized by New Asia Middle School, “New Asia College Cultural Talks” holds three to four talks in total each year. Details of the talks are as follows:


Speaker    Video (via CUTV)
1st Lecture
Prof. Leung Yuen-sang
Dean, Faculty of Arts, CUHK Coming up
2nd Lecture
Prof. Ng Ming
Professor and Researcher, New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies Coming up
3rd Lecture
Prof. Ting Sun-pao
Adjunct Professor, Department of History, CUHK
Watch here


Speaker    Video (via CUTV)
1st Lecture
Mr. Jonathan Cheung
Columnist of HK Economic Journal, Experienced Banker Watch here
2nd Lecture
Prof. Richard Ho
Honorary professor in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of CUHK Watch here
3rd Lecture Prof. Xu Xiaodong Associate Director of the Art Museum and Associate Professor (by courtesy) of the Fine Arts Department of CUHK.
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Speaker    Video (via CUTV)
1st Lecture
Prof. Ho Puay-peng
Director of the Centre for Architectural Heritage Research, Professor of the School of Architecture of CUHK
Watch here
2nd Lecture Prof. Kwong Kin Hung
Honorary Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Hong Kong Baptist University Professor, New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies Watch here
3rd Lecture Mr. Heung Shu Fai
Outstanding Alumni of CUHK, Veteran Banker and Entreprener, Experienced Journalist, Member of the Council of CUHK and Board of Trustees of New Asia College
Watch here


Speaker    Video (via CUTV)
1st Lecture Prof. Lee Ou-fan A Profile of the Literary Intellectuals of the Early Republican Period Watch here
2nd Lecture Ms. Lee Mei Yin Dunhuang Art and Culture - An Overview Watch here
3rd Lecture Dr. Louis NG Chi-wa Palace Museum: Untold Stories Watch here


Speaker    Video (via CUTV)
1st Lecture Dr. Chan Man Hung Marco History of China from a Macro Geographical perspective - Starting from Mongolia Plateau Watch here
2nd Lecture Prof. Lee Yun Woon
The ultimate story between Wang Xichi and Lanting Xu Watch here
3rd Lecture Prof. Fan Sin Piu
Re-reading Canonized Prose Writings of the May Fourth Era
Watch here


Speaker    Video (via CUTV)
1st Lecture Prof. Josh Yiu Art and Life in Pre-modern China Watch here
2nd Lecture
Prof. Edward Ng
We work to give life back its dignity
 Watch here


Speaker    Video (via CUTV)

Prof. Chan Sun On, Hector The Silent Teachers Watch here
1st Lecture
Prof. Lam Hon Ming
Historical, Cultural and Scientific Importance of Soybean
Watch here
2nd Lecture
Prof. LAI Chi Tim Temple tradition in Hong Kong and its relationship with popular customs of China Watch here


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