Ch'ien Mu Lecture in History and Culture
To enhance academic and cultural exchanges, the college organizes 4 distinguished Lecturer Series each year.

"The Ch'ien Mu Lecture in History and Culture" was established since 1978. A distinguished scholar will be invited to deliver a series of public lectures exploring topics on Chinese history and culture. The Ch'ien Mu Lecture will be held in March/ April each year. Starting from 2013, the lecture series is endowed by the Mr. Chan Chi-sun Chinese Culture Fund.

Past Speakers


Speaker University
1978 Prof. Ch'ien Mu  Founder of New Asia College 
1979 Prof. Joseph Needham The University of Cambridge, UK
1981 Prof. Ogawa, Tamaki Kyoto University, Japan
1982 Prof. Wm. Theodore De Bary Columbia University, USA
1983 Prof. Zhu Guang-qian Peking University
1984 Prof. Chan Wing-tsit Chatham College, USA
1985 Prof. Yang Lien-sheng Harvard University, USA
1986 Prof. Yu Ying-shih Yale University, USA
1988 Prof. Liu Kwang-ching University of California, at Davis, USA
1989 Prof. Tu Wei-ming Harvard University, USA
1991 Prof. Hsu Cho-yun University of Pittsburgh, USA
1993 Prof. Yen Keng-wang Fellow of Academia Sinica and New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies and Research
1994 Prof. Thomas A. Metzger Hoover Institution, Stanford University
1995 Prof. Chang Hao Ohio State University, USA
1997 Prof. Tang Yijie Peking University
2003 Prof. Donald J. Munro University of Michigan, USA
2004 Prof. Wen C. Fong Princeton University, USA
2005 Prof. Liu Shu-hsien Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica
2006 Prof. Wang Meng Ocean University of China
2007 Prof. Liu Ts’un-yan The Australian National University
2008 Prof. Roger T. Ames University of Hawaii
2009 Prof. James C. Y. Watt Brooke Russell Astor Chairman, Dept. of Asian Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA
2010 Prof. Bell Yung University of Pittsburgh, USA
2011 Prof. Lao Sze-kwang Huafan University, Taiwan
2012 Prof. Fu Shen Graduate Institute of Art History, National Taiwan University
2013 Prof. Philip Sun Shu-yue New Asia College Alumnus, Founder of the Department of Translation, CUHK
2014 Prof. Peter K. Bol Vice Provost for Advances in Learning and Charles H. Carswell Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University
2015 Prof. Yu Kwang-chung Professor Emeritus of Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Sun Yat-sen University , Taiwan

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2016 Prof. Hung-nin Samuel Cheung Professor Emeritus of University of California, Berkeley

Emeritus Professor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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2017 Prof. Benjamin A. Elman

Gordon Wu '58 Professor of Chinese Studies

Professor of East Asian Studies & History, Princeton University

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2018 Prof. Liu Xiaogan Professor, Founding and Honorary Director, the Research Center for Chinese Philosophy and Culture, Department of Philosophy, CUHK
Distinguished Professor, School of Philosophy, Beijing Normal University
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2019 Prof. Li Wai-yee Professor of Chinese Literature
Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations Harvard University

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