Alumni activities

Alumni are invaluable to our College. In order to stay connected with our alumni, various types of activities are held. Our regular alumni activities include: Alumni Reunions, Mentorship Programme, Founders’ Day, CUHK Alumni Homecoming Day.

Below is the list of Alumni events of New Asia College in the year 2019/20.

Event Date
Thousand People Dinner 27-Sep-19
Mentorship Programme 2019-20 Inauguration 19-Oct-19
 NA70 Alumni Sports Games 2-Nov-19 
CUHK Alumni Homecoming Day 2019
40-year Reunion of 1979 Postponed until further notice
 NA70 Offshore Alumni Homecoming Week Cancelled
 Banquet in Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of New Asia College   Postponed until further notice
Chinese New Year Party 2020 Cancelled
20-year Reunion of 2000 Postponed until further notice
30-year Reunion of 1990 Postponed until further notice
10-year Reunion of 2010 Postponed until further notice
40-year Reunion of 1980 28-Nov-20

The College is exploring more alumni activities in the coming future. For enquiries please contact our College Development Officer (Alumni Affairs) Mr. Kelvin Cheung (Tel.: 39439680;