Alumni activities

Alumni are invaluable to our College. In order to stay connected with our alumni, various types of activities are held. Our regular alumni activities include: Alumni Reunions, Mentorship Programme, Founders’ Day, CUHK Alumni Homecoming Day.

Below is the list of Alumni events of New Asia College in the year 2019/20.

Event Date
Thousand People Dinner 27-Sep-19
Mentorship Programme 2019-20 Inauguration 19-Oct-19
 NA70 Alumni Sports Games 2-Nov-19 
CUHK Alumni Homecoming Day 2019
40-year Reunion of 1979 16-Nov-19
 NA70 Offshore Alumni Homecoming Week  2-7-Dec-19
 Banquet in Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of New Asia College   7-Dec-19
Chinese New Year Party 2020 28-Feb-20
20-year Reunion of 2000 27-Jun-20
30-year Reunion of 1990 Postponed until further notice
10-year Reunion of 2010 1-Aug-20
40-year Reunion of 1980 28-Nov-20

The College is exploring more alumni activities in the coming future. For enquiries please contact our College Development Officer (Alumni Affairs) Mr. Kelvin Cheung (Tel.: 39439680;